Friday, March 16, 2012

Dos and Don'ts

Don't Do This
My life expectancy rose but my heart sank yesterday as I rode to the totter meeting place by The Bonus Loop. The tree that mother nature had placed at a perfectly gnarly 45 degree angle across the trail had been moved aside by some miscreant. That log at that angle definitely made things interesting (especially when the log was wet) but I personally do not subscribe to "dumbing down" the local trails.

Do Do This
But my heart was lifted (and my life expectancy probably rose) today as we made our happy hour dash to The Overlook. It was my first ride in months with short sleeves, the trails were buff, and my Camelback was full of beer. And it was there on the Overlook that I decided to pull the trigger on a new Salsa El Mariachi. I will have to wait until tomorrow morning at 10am to actually pull it, but finally making up my mind, standing at the overlook with a beer in my hand, was memorable.

Oh and the mad dash back in tight four bike formation will not soon be forgotten. Chests heaving, beers sloshing, faces smiling.


"It never gets easier, you just go faster."
     – Greg LeMond


  1. I was on that trail sunday afternoon - I think somebody put the log back.

  2. Honestly that little log was more annoying than anything. Good practice at crossing an angled obstruction though I 'spose...