Saturday, July 7, 2012


Clockwise from upper left: Belt drive Raleigh XXIX departs
with precious cargo; about 100 degrees in the sun; close up
of belt drive with break-away chain stay; and ice cream
being served on the dirt at The Overlook.
We thought we'd taken the Friday Happy Hour Ride about as far as could be expected for a handful of middle-age biker guys. 

It started with a garage beer thrown in the backpack for our Friday afternoon ride to The Overlook. 
Tangent: Garage Beer is always in a can, usually inexpensive, and is kept in (or in close proximity to) the garage for spur of the moment consumption or sharing with friends.
Oh sure, we dialed up the event by switching to exotic micro-brews, and finally by upping the ante to 2-3 beers apiece, but the basic formula has remained the same. Bikes+beer. A simple but a very effective way of slamming the door on the workweek and stepping into the weekend with some style.
Another tangent: That last innovation (the 3 beer thing) was a silly stupid which we learned the hard way.  We've since voluntarily dialed the limit back to 2.  We're smarter than we look.  
But all that changed a few weeks ago when Jesse and Steve turned up for the Friday Happy Hour.  We frequently have drop in guests (once we had one from Vermont), but this time the visitors brought fresh homemade vegan chocolate bundt cake. The only thing better than chocolate cake and beer is chocolate cake and calorie-starved cyclists...or so we thought...

...turns out that beer, calorie-starved cyclists, and fresh homemade ice cream on a steamy 94 degree Friday afternoon is an even better combination. Yessiree. 

But now where do we go from here?  Drag yourself out the The Overlook to find out!  With the safety net of good people, a relaxed outdoor setting, and cold beer, you really can't go wrong.  And who knows what kind of culinary feat of daring-do you might whitness?  


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