Friday, December 28, 2012

Fire and Ice (actually mud) for Tonight

Preparations for the 7th Annual Bike Bonfire and Beer Exchange are in full swing.

Weather for tonight is 29 degrees at ride time, dropping to a low of 27 degrees at midnight.  Balmy which also means muddy.

Nothing left to do but charge the lights, load up the beer, kiss the family good night. Oh and take the following Beer Bonfire and Beer Exchange fun quiz:

What is "Sheep Dip?"
  1. Liquid formulation of insecticide and fungicide which shepherds use to protect sheep from parasites such as blow-flies, ticks and lice
  2. Half filled bath of hot soapy water shared amongst friends, used to wash off the disco dirt post clubbing or boozing before everyone crashes out on your sofa and floor
  3. Scotch whiskey enjoyed by mountain bikers around a campfire somewhere between Durango Colorado and Moab Utah
Who was featured in a full page spread in the June 2012 issue of Mountain Bike magazine?
  1. Glenn Armstrong
  2. Claus Van Traup
  3. The D2M gang
  4. Chiggers
Which of the following transportation accidents are associated with previous bike-beer-bonfire events?
  1. Riding Miller's lawn mower into the bonfire
  2. Riding Kirk's bicycle over the bonfire
  3. Riding Cathy's beach cruiser through a rock garden
  4. Riding Kaleigh's ATV over a flaming kerosene torch
  5. All of the above
Andy has a new baby-blue bike seat because:
  1. He's color blind
  2. It's slightly more manly than the hot pink one he was riding before
  3. It matches his baby-blue spandex shorts
  4. It's the only color seat Rob had in the trunk of his car
The Overlook is popular on Friday evenings because:
  1. It has a jacuzzi
  2. It has great music
  3. It has a beer tree
  4. None of the above
The 2012 trip to Raystown will be remembered for:
  1. $12 worth of firewood
  2. Night time unicycle riding
  3. 10 seatposts x 1"
  4. The First Floor Queen
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above (it won't be remembered)
Which of the following is NOT true about the "Green Lane Tickler?"
  1. It is about 8" long
  2. It is flexible
  3. It tickles the inside of your thigh
  4. You can only get them at turnpike rest stops
Please make a nomination for your favorite Bike Ride Beer Exchange acronym::
  1. BEER (BEer Exchange Ride)
  2. BONER (BONfire Exchange Ride)
  3. BaRBIE (Beer Ride BIke Exchange)
  4. REHAB (Ride ExcHAnge Bike)
  5. ________________________ (write in nomination)
See you tonight!


"Keep riding, Nancy. It's just water and dirt.
     -- Huck And Roll

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