Saturday, December 8, 2012

Obsolescence, Averted

I am a bike part pack rat. My garage is filled with old bikes and parts.  Wheel sets on their last legs are hanging from the rafters in my shed.  I have milk crates filled with old bottom brackets and cranks.  Boxes of bolts, cables, and derailleurs.

And an old steel frame with a 1" head tube.  That head tube size is a casualty of the bike industry's relentless innovation.  Some of the changes are real improvements (remarkable there is anything left to innovate) but others just seem to be strategies for selling more bikes.  Like the new 12 mm x 142 mm axle standard or 650B mountain wheels. Or the 1-1/8" head tube that obsoleted this bike about 10 years ago.

But I digress.

I have found a use for that old friend with the little head tube.  Instead of collecting dust in the shed it is creating smiles in my back yard.  That's right, nothing warms the heart quite like the combination of a bicycle and Christmas tree lights. You've just gotta smile.

Happy Holidays,

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