Saturday, March 23, 2013

Butt Ugly Beautiful

Moonlander circa 1969
Butt-ugly can be beautiful.

I'm talking about machines built for a purpose, not an asthetic. Consider the Apollo moon lander. Ungainly and awkward, with strange angles and bulges, it was built for one purpose - to get two astronauts from lunar orbit to the surface the moon and back. It more no aesthetic resemblance to beautiful space ships of popular fiction.

Moonlander circa 2013
Another Moon Lander of the similar decended upon yesterday's Friday Happy Hour Ride. The first thing you notice are the ginormous "Big Fat Larry" tires mounted on Clown Shoe rims. The spokes lace to the sides of these rims which have dozens of cutouts to reduce rotational mass. Asymetrical chainstays keep the chainline outside of the massive tires, and a asymetrical front fork keeps the front and rear wheels interchangeable. Thumbshifters are compatible with big fat mittens.

The bike is so stable, it almost feels like riding a tricycle. Trackstands are effortless. It cares not whether you are riding singletrack or off trail - if you keep the wheels turning (which can take some effort) it just goes wherever you have it pointed, no questions asked. Trail chatter is non-existent because you are basically floating on two big bags of air. It is unlike any other bike experience.

It is butt-ugly and it is beautiful, and I know seven people who were there for FHHR that would agree.

All Bryan needs is a big red clown nose, and he will be a perfect match for his butt-ugly and beautiful bike.


"Go big or go home"
     -- Unknown

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