Sunday, March 31, 2013

Founder's Flip

Easter Morning Founder's Flip:
- 1 Founder's Breakfast Stout
- 1 Raw egg
- 1 Shot clear rum (I used amber because that's what I have)
- 1 Tbsp orange marmalade
- 1 Splash simple syrup (I used a touch of Blue Agave)
- Mix egg, rum, marmalade, and syrup in shaker with ice
- Pour mixture into pint glass, top off with stout

Yum, a beer-drinker's milk shake best consumed on Easter morning whilst hanging out with my girls (Ruth, Sara, Sydney) listening to Jesus Christ Superstar (dating myself I know). My pint glass has a bike logo on it, so I figured it is fair game for this blog. Also it has a few calories, so probably wouldn't hurt to spin a little this afternoon.

Thanks to Mike Riley for the recipe.


"Bikes, babes, and beer. Whenever life gets you down, return to the fundamentals."
     -- Unknown

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