Friday, April 5, 2013

Culling the Herd

Four casualties of the culling
Trails today were pure perfection. Super buff with no gravy and no dust. I wish I could say the same for myself.

Sure I always expect some cobwebs after a long winter. Every spring is the same. I know intellectually I will have lost ground and will have work to do. But there is nothing quite like the feeling when you reach down deep for a steep climb. I think I am ready and I look forward to the familiar pain but...nothing really happens. No acceleration, and no pain. Just...nothing.

Yes, I've got work to do but with each ride there is a little progress. And that progress is energizing, and that energy makes me want to ride more. And that beautiful cycle of renewal begins.

The cycle of renewal was at work at The Beer Tree as well. Mike and I noticed a few repeats so we did some necessary culling (four if you are counting). To strengthen the heard and because "art must have integrity." Jess joined us with another one of her vegan masterpieces, and we even had a ride through visit (no beers) from Jim, Tom, Martin, Jessica, and Martin's young son.

This was Martin's first ride since knee surgery. It seems that renewal is happening all around us.


"Art must have integrity"
     -- Mike Riley


  1. Why do I feel like Martin after knee surgery is about the same as me before knee surgery?

  2. Imagine how *I* feel...I haven't even had surgery!