Friday, January 24, 2014


Business Plan took up the entire
back of the beer menu. So YES
Bryan we did pick up a pencil!

Yesterday I tortured myself by:
  • Buying a new Reba fork from Merlin Cycles dot com for $276. That's a really  great price for a fork that I can't install on a bike that I can't ride.
  • Meeting some fellow bike riders at Victory so we could start developing our business plan for "The Tour duh"
At the same time, I saved myself some pain (and a lot of one fingered typing) by stealing Mark's email summary for my blog post. I think he wrote it in the form of a list to make it easier for us to grasp (short attention spans):
  1. Corinne will be our waitress moving forward.
  2. MR now knows what FW means...again.
  3. The "happening" beer is Dirt Wolf.
  4. Next time go with the salesman, we are MTB racers.
  5. Free alcohol from the table next to you is good.
  6. Our enthusiasm for all things Cranston related is very much alive and can bring everyone off topic instantly. Special thanks to Chris R for this.
  7. We are a tall group...well most of us.
  8. Guest Blogger and future
    Baja 1000 winner
  9. Oh, we did agree on the date. The Tour Duh is slated for May 10 @ 9am. This means FW around 7:30 am.


"You guys are so funny. I thought you were short."
     -- our favorite waitress

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