Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ride report and other business

MORNING RIDE had to break out the head lamps and fleece for this AM's ride, but it was well worth it with some spectacular sunrise scenery. Not much time left to experience these morning rides with hunting season around the corner.

ROADIE responses are in and it looks like Nov 11th with 9 favorable RSVPs. Hopefully we can secure Rob as tour guide and do the bump and grind at French Creek. Block it out on your calendars.

MARSH CREEK STATE PARK FALL CLASSIC RACE is October 13th. Four classes this year (first timer, beginner, sport, elite) and fun kids race before the main race (this is a great family event). You can see the source layout (different than last year) and pre-register online at - just search for "fall classic".

SUNDAY RIDE I will be out of town Saturday through Thursday so cannot be counted on to crack the whip for you guys. Someone needs to take the lead to organize Sunday ride and next week's rides. Tag you're it!

HAPPY HOUR RIDE tomorrow - let me know if interested in something between 4:00 and 5:00.


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