Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beer Xchange

Accuweather forecast for tonight:
  • 33 balmy degrees at 8pm
  • Temps dropping less than a degree per hour after 8pm
  • No precip, no wind
With a vigorous ride followed by a raging bonfire and ample dose of vasiodialating alcohol, it will be a virtual tropical paradise out there so you might consider switching to rum drinks instead of beer.

Also anyone who wears flip flops tonight (a près ride) gets a trail named after them. Sebastian may get a trail anyway in recognition of wearing shorts for the Tuesday night ride in the lower-20s.

BTW we had a boatload of riders for Tuesday's tune-up ride (some faces we haven't seen in a while) so turnout tonight looks very promising. If you are on the bubble, remember this is a great night to jump into the mix (more emphasis on merriment than mashing the pedals). Also you have the option of joining us after the ride (price of admission may be a little good natured abuse).

See you guys tonight.


1 comment:

  1. A person once told me that "nothing good happens after 2am.". Based on my condition today, I think that person is very smart indeed. The last remaining brain cells we could collectively muster late last night concluded that it would be bad form for the kids at the bus stop to see us, so we threw in the towel at 4:30am. Brilliant.

    Anyway thanks to everyone who turned out, we set a new high water mark of 13 riders and sustained only one mechanical. We did have at least two notable crashes - one in the mudpit at the top of the quarry trail, and one thudbuster at the bottom of the blue trail.

    Winner of the "fancy presentation" prize goes to Steve. His gift basket presentation, complete with gift wrap and reading material was a big hit. Shannon however will not be seeing that basket again as it was subsequently used to stoke the fire.

    Sebastian, who turned out in shorts and sandals, gets his trail. We just didn't get around to actually naming it yet - this remains on the team workplan as unfinished business.

    Ride on for Sunday, 10am Upper Lyndenwood.