Thursday, December 13, 2007

Runup to Beer Exchange

Important reminder, some weather info, and a couple of questions...

One week from tonight is the not-to-be-missed-second-annual-beer-exchange-bike-ride-and-bonfire. Details to come, just be sure have some beer on hand, your light charged, and cancel your Friday morning meetings and conference calls. It will be more beer than biking (so you truants should not be intimidated), but we have to do a respectable ride before we settle in around the bonfire, otherwise we are just a bunch of drunks.

Weather info from Accuweather:

  • Tonight 8pm, 32 degrees, rain ending around 8
  • Friday 4pm, 41 degrees, partly sunny
  • Saturday 4pm, 30 degrees, snow starts and runs late into the night
  • Sunday morning 30 degrees, rain in the morning
What this means for you mountain bikers:

  • We haven't ridden since Sunday, so I for one am in for TONIGHT regardless of conditions. But I promised my wife and child no solo night rides, so if you intend to ride (please) let me know...
  • FRIDAY HH conditions marginal, chime in if interested so we can coordinate tomorrow if enough interest.
  • SATURDAY LATE AFTERNOON looks like the best conditions this weekend, fresh snow, cooler temps. Again, chime in if there is interest so we can coordinate.
  • SUNDAY MORNING looks sloppy but it is tradition so no need to chime in, I know you'll be there.

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