Monday, December 10, 2007

Rides with Scissors

Another awesome sloppy ride today, there is no substitute for playing outside in the mud with your buddies! Fenders would have been nice in some of the soupy but fast sections where we wound up wearing the trail on our chins and faces. And in the end an hour+ of riding left us fairly cooked, since every turn of the cranks resulted in as much spinning as as it did forward propulsion.

Rob may have earned a new nickname. Everyone knows one of those guys who "RUNS with scissors." Well now you also know someone who "RIDES with scissors" -- that guys who just runs has NOTHING on Rob...

As much fun as the mud is, looking forward to dropping temps to speed up the trails and lower the laundry bills. Standard ride schedule this week:
* Tuesday 8:30pm Lower
* Thursday 8:30pm Upper

P.S. A few of you truants (you know who you are) need to get your heads back into the game, play in the mud, get a little banged up. No more excuses!


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