Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hot Rider on a Cold Day

Ok so when you saw "Hot Rider on a Cold Day" you were expecting something rated at least PG-13. Sorry about that, but you have to admit this is a pretty cool G-rated picture.

I am going to tease you with more of these puppies - one a week - during the next month or so of churning our sloppy SEPA trails (or even worse sitting at home not churning the trails). Keep the faith - it won't be long before we're back to cruising miles of buff rolling single track in short sleeves. A quick scan of the blog shows that last year we were into some great short-sleeve riding by mid-March.

Oh and you email-chain-spectators who sat out the winter riding season and lived vicariously via email, you can expect the peer pressure to ratchet up soon. A great time to jump in is early in the season when everyone is a little rusty. In fact, this would be the perfect weekend to drop your bike off at the local shop for a quick tune-up so you are ready when gun goes off.

And finally if your wife is looking for that perfect bike-themed Valentine gift for you (and she has a sense of humor) you should point her to this auction on eBay (thanks Bike Lemming).


"Cycling is like church-many attend but few understand"
- Jim Burlant

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