Friday, February 6, 2009

Shorts Weather in February

Curfew Saturday night because we have an opportunity for an early ride at French Creek with Andy Sokol as our tour guide. We've talking about this for some time, now is your opportunity and with the snow melt and warm temps, FC is probably the only place that will be ridable this weekend.  Also Andy swears that with him leading the charge it is not all uphills as some might suspect. 

We will be jumping onto an existing ride scheduled to hit the trails at 7AM sharp which means departing the neighborhood by 6:15AM (hence the curfew).  The low for Saturday night is 31F and its forecasted to be in the 40s by the end of the ride so this may be an opportunity to break out the shorts and show off those pasty white legs.  Andy tells me that he has ridden only once this winter (our 5F ride) and that the pace will be an "easy B with plenty of BS sessions at the tops of hills, hammer heads need not apply" (I added the hammer head part).

Let me know if interested and we'll sort out the logistics.  At least one vehicle heading up with room for 3 bikes and passengers.  Click on the embedded map for directions to our launch point (40 13.064N    75 48.059W).


Pace Rating
A=Rob/Bob pushing it out
B=Our typical ride
C=Ride with wife and kids

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