Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Heart Rate 41 and Steady

This is the biggest hill I could find within 100 miles of our rental cottage (palace really) on the Outer Banks. As far as I can tell, the entire eastern third of North Carolina is basically one big sandbar, and virtually all of the houses here are one good wave from becoming $3.2M worth of colorful driftwood.

I am wiling away the hours lounging in the hot tub, taking long mid-day naps, and stuffing my pie-hole with a variety of sugar and fat laden treats, washed down with lattes and budweiser. I do take the occasional bike ride to the local  convenience store to grab a newspaper or to restock the pantry, but it is virtually impossible to elevate my heart rate on a SS here (at least I thought to bring a 16T cog). I chose to bring the SS because my gearie is a full suspension with 130mm of travel which seemed like overkill.

Anyway it is clear I that this training "taper" is ill timed given that Sara and I are planning to race as a relay team in a Duathlon in less than two weeks. Whatever. My glycogen stores will be up and I certainly won't be suffering from any over training so who knows?

Signing off now. It's time for another slice of apple strudle and latte refill before my mid-morning nap. 


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