Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dirty Ones

My gluteus maximus is pretty well shot after two days of back-to-back riding this weekend. Both rides started in sub-zero temps on fast frozen trails, and ended in the familiar springtime tire-spinning mud-slinging slopfest. And yes, it was at least as much fun as when we were 12 years old.

Some highlights from the weekend:
  • Two scuba divers donning their drysuits for a refreshing dive at the west side boat launch.
  • Half a dozen coeds aimlessly wandering the bonus loop.
  • Our own "McGiver" fashioning a makeshift emergency dog leash from a spare 29er tire tube. Even better was when McGiver nearly became a roadkill while riding his dog-propelled 29er down the access road.
With all the sun, mud, and fun out there I cannot imagine why anyone would be sitting on the sidelines at this point. Do yourself a big favor, get off the sideline, and get dirty.


"Chicks dig the dirty ones"

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