Saturday, December 12, 2009

Newest Pagan Ritual

First a quick ride report: the 36 hour deep freeze resulted in some awesome fast trails and no mud whatsoever for our ride this morning. Of course there was the occasional deep frozen rut trying to twist the front wheel and eject you over the handlebars, and the unforgiving ground as hard as granite (found out the hard way), but it really was our best ride in weeks, maybe months.

A week from Monday (21st) is the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year and the official beginning of winter. It is also the root of some swell pagan rituals including the Feast of Fools, Navratri (nine-day celebration worshiping female divinity), and Sadeh (a mid-winter feast to honor fire and to "defeat the forces of darkness, frost and cold").

That puts our own Friday the 18th pagan ritual - the one that worships biking, bonfires, and beer - in some pretty good company!

Anyway I've stopped counting the RSVPs - the last time I checked it was in the high teens, so even if a few of you decide to wear skirts instead of spandex, we will have a solid turnout with enough loose canons to keep things interesting.

Friday's base of operations will be behind Kirk's house (114 Gottier) about 10 yards from the Struble Trail. I have provided a Google Map that shows you where to park, the location of the fire pit, and how to make the 482ft walk between the cul-de-sac and the fire pit. We'll get things rolling at 7:00pm - drop bikes, provisions, camp chair, and après ride gear at the fire pit - and be clipped in and pedals spinning by 7:30pm. That should get us back to the fire pit by 8:30 so we can have the opening ceremonies and commence the debauchery.

Stuff to bring:
  • Bike gear for night riding
  • Drink of choice (ice not necessary)
  • Camp chair
  • Après-ride gear like warm shoes, jacket, etc.
  • Contest entry (if competing) - remember it will have to burn
  • A short memory
A couple things for the new guys:
  • If you will need a loaner light please let me know so we can track down a spare.
  • If you have your own light, don't be stupid and forget to charge it.
  • Right now the forecast is somewhere in the low 30s at ride time. This is not as cold as it sounds, you will be generating plenty of heat during the ride. The key will be "breaking the wind," so to speak. If you are new to winter riding, you might check this posting for a few tips.
We will be laying the fire and installing the brass pole Friday afternoon. Let me know if interested in helping out (and thereby getting dibs on upwind chair location).

So buckle your chinstraps and get stoked for Friday!


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