Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fair Hill Bliss

 14 miles of Fair Hill bliss. Temps in mid-30s. Sunny. Fast trails.

I rode the old Iron Horse.  It is quick and nimble, but beats the tar out of me. I think we'll be switching to the Turner Burner for the next ViFRaDD ride. Kirk brought out the old-school Klein (great to see him back), Mike on the Trek Fuel (no longer squeaking), and Antonio on the new 1x10 Specialized. Doble tore it up on his all-rigid Niner with a 19T on the back. We're gonna need to flatten his tires in Durango.

Ride capped off with post-ride soak in Kirk's 104º hot tub. Oh my god.

Feeling pretty strong for this time of year. Training is going well, but most importantly having fun being on the dirt after a long winter...


  1. Nice. We rode Sawmill for the first time. Well maybe it rode us. Hot tub woulda been a nice finish!

  2. Sawmill is a great ride. I rode it once with Andy and he wound up with a torn tricep. Memorable for sure!

  3. That was the 45 minute option...