Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's In YOUR Seatbag?

For the record, here is my essential gear list...as if anyone really cares:

  • Spare tube
  • Zip ties (MacGyver material)
  • Tire levers (you should be able to remove tire without them, but sometimes...)
  • Adhesive patches in case you flat the spare tube
  • Missing link for SS where shortening chain is not an option
  • Multi-tool with chain break (don't cheap out, you will depend on this tool)
  • Pump (I prefer to CO2 since problems are rarely "one and done")
  • Cleat bolt because if you lose a cleat bolt you are hosed
  • Toilet paper (about 10' in baggy, not pictured)
  • I probably should also wrap some duct tape around the pump shaft (more MacGyver material)
There you have it. Now what I am missing, really?


  1. I always carry 5 bucks in a baggie for ice cream or beer. Can't go wrong with either of these options:) Jeff

  2. That's a great add. Good power to weight ratio too...

  3. Good combo, I probably should pack some TP too :-P. Duct tape is good to have. I also carry an old set of avid disc brake pads (and use avid brakes on all the bikes).

  4. I carry a small first aid kit in my seat pouch. I also try to make sure I have some ID on me... either a real license in my pocket or expired license in my seat pouch. Let's hope I never need either one of those...

  5. Rob - good idea about the pads (uh, brake pads). All my bikes take the same pad.

  6. I've added superglue to the pack.