Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wake Up Call

Rode Harmony Hill today. First real hills I have seen in probably two months of hotel fitness centers and an occasional milk run at Marsh Creek.


There is something to be said about "bike" fitness. I didn't have it. I rode the technical uphill sections like a 3rd grade schoolgirl, caught a pedal and almost went down on the black trail, and was totally gassed after barely an hour of riding. Granted it was 100% anaerobic and I've been focused entirely on aerobic training, but still it was very alarming. Not discouraging (I know I'll get it back) but alarming because I don't have much time...June and the rocky mountains will be here (or more precisely I will be there) in three short months.

It's on.


  1. Thanks for the nice words, good to know someone is on the other end! Most of my biking buds are old school, not big blogging / commenting types...