Friday, August 12, 2011

New Rabbit

There is nothing that transports you you back to the carefree days of childhood quite like climbing onto a brand new bicycle.  Nothing.  So today was a special day for Mike as he pulled his spanking new ride out of the car for our Happy Hour ride.  And for me once I realized his bike is actually going to make me faster trying to keep up with him.

We took a hard charging ride around the bonus loop, stopping periodically to tighten headsets and shotgun a Labatt's Blue (the new format for our Friday Happy Hour rides).  Without the maintenance stops I'm pretty sure we would have set a new speed record.  And KirkT's all rigid 'cross bike provided a nice contrast to Mike's showroom new Niner.  How he kept that thing on the ground at the speeds we were riding I will never know.

There's a new rabbit in town.


"There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as simply messing about on bicycles"
     -- Tom Kunich

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