Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Fast Donkey

Good news, this morning I did the Full Bonus Loop in 61 minutes.  That's door to door from Lower Lyndenwood.  For me that's a record.  Bad news I may have broken Rob's USE seatpost.  I hope I'm wrong.  Will look at it tonight.

This next part is going to be too much information.  TMI.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  I got a little banged up on last Sunday's ride.  So when I rode on Tuesday I layered up with a jock strap, under armor briefs, spandex shorts with ample chamois, heavy biking shorts, and a couple of prophylactic Advil.  That made it bearable.  For this morning's record breaking ride I skipped the Advil and the jock strap. I guess I'm on the mend...

Finally, here's one more D2M music video. It is of day five when we rode most of the Whole Enchilada near Moab. I stowed the camera during a little spritzer that day so missed the LPS section, but got plenty of Hazard County Trails, UPS, and Porcupine Rim. And thanks to G.Love (Philly born and bred) for the sound track.  Enjoy.


"You're a donkey, not a thoroughbred horse.  You may become a fast donkey, but you will never become a thoroughbred"
     -- unknown

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