Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Secret

Creative Playthings Bridge
This morning I went riding on the local trails for probably the 500th time. Seriously 6 years, 1-2 local rides per week, that's like 468. It adds up. So these are old familiar trails, right?  I should have known better.

The lake was like glass, with some whisps of fog and a lone fisherman lit by the soft morning sun.  The hurricane had left the trails soft and littered with sticks and leaves, but totally rideable. The air was cool. A cup of strong coffee was clearing my head and I was riding fast, thinking about the 61 minute lap time I had logged last week (could I come close this morning)?

I crested the hill before the Creative Playthings bridge at speed. Most of you know the drop onto that  bridge is getting sketchy. A downhill log drop followed by a tight rutted downhill turn that dumps you right onto a narrow bridge. Once you are over the log you are way to stop or bail out. As my front wheel rolled onto the bridge I looked up and saw that the bridge was UNDER WATER (bridges are supposed to go OVER water). Three thoughts flew through my mind as I rolled across:

  1. How deep is it?
  2. Oh shit it's going to be slippery I am going down
  3. I'll fall into 3' of water it should be a soft landing 

By the time the third thought occured, I was across the bridge. A little wet but upright and still rolling. Of course I had to stop for pictures, so the 61 minute ride time would be safe. I was more cautious for the remainder of the ride, wondering what would be around the next corner. Remarkable how a familiar home trail can still throw a curve at you from time to time.


P.S. The secret to last week's 61 minute Bonus Loop time: broken seatpost.  Pedalling out of the saddle for 90% of the ride keeps you movin'.

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