Saturday, June 1, 2013


So far this week I have witnessed two miracles.
  1. At the 2013 Bud Mauger memorial ride at Marsh Creek State Park, I saw Mark turn water into beer. Seriously. I never knew Bud personally, but based on what I've heard about him, he may have had a hand in this.
  2. At the FHHR, I saw vegetables turned into ice cream. Not one of those frozen-yogurt-ish lame excuses for ice cream, but delicious creamy mint chocolate chip ice cream. 
I've heard miracles come in threes. Can't wait to see what is next.



  1. The ice cream was so good it humbled me.

  2. Will miracles never cease? Tom Mento who was still riding the same rigid tie-dyed bike frame as the day he was born went out and bought himself a brand new tricked-out Niner with Fox fork and New Belgium steerer cap. No doubt, that's three right there.