Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A bunch of people will show up in the parking lot wearing long pants, boots, and long sleeve t-shirts. Some of them will bring a shovel, pruners, or a hand saw. A couple trucks will show up with PATH equipment (power whackers, trimmers, saws, etc) and some people will grab one of those. There will be some kibitzing with the new ranger where we will introduce ourselves as the responsible mountain bikers that we are, and we will get his thoughts on where we should focus our efforts. Then Scott or one of the other organizers will make some loose assignments ("a bunch of you go that way and the rest of you come with me" sort of a thing), and we will head off into the woods for a couple hours of grunt work amid the prickers and poison ivy. There will be a lot of laughing and back slapping and sweating and if we're lucky nobody will lose a finger and we'll end up back in the lot and will saddle up for a short night ride.

That's my prediction for tomorrow night.



  1. Nice prediction too bad conditions were poor for riding afterwards.

  2. Yeah but the rain sure made it memorable. I particularly liked the cloud of vaporized stinging nettles mingled with the the haze from half a dozen two stroke engines at the bottom of the Eddie trail. Oh and the International Harvester front loader and Paul's lawn mower were chugging away down there too. Quite a scene. Just glad I got out of the parking lot quickly afterward since Tom was threatening to go skinny dipping.