Sunday, June 16, 2013


Right out my back yard. I am a lucky guy.
Saturday sunset ride. Right out my back yard, I am a lucky guy.

Speaking of wonders, the beer tree was another kind of wonder. Sure it was man-made and not as wondrous as a sunset over Marsh Creek Lake. But it was pretty wonderful.

A few weeks ago we took it down out of concern that some Muggles might not appreciate it like we did. We brought it into this world, and we would decide when it would leave. We owned it from cradle to grave.

Well it turns out that at least one Muggle did appreciate it. He was out hiking last Friday and he told us so. He was obviously a connoisseur since he even had a favorite can (the Fat Tire Ale). He thought it was wonderful too.



  1. Lucky indeed. We are all probably luckier than we think we are. Nice write!

  2. Thats a fantastic picture!
    Perhaps the beer tree can be resurrected one day....