Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Fatties drawing a crowd at The Beer Tree
Six of us closed out the 2013 season with a morning ride on the frozen tundra of Marsh Creek. Befitting an end of year ride, we had a little bit of everything. We had angry single speeders leading out. We had fat bikes, skinny bikes, mountain bikes, and CX bikes. We had mechanical breakdowns, flowy single track, and some rough stuff too. And we paid homage to The Beer Tree. Overall it was a fine wrap up to '13.

But today's ride was not just a teary-eyed and sentimental reflection on '13. We also looked forward. Kirk reminded us that we need to start thinking about the Cinco de Mayo ride because it is "just around the corner" (apparently time flies when you are having fun). We also commenced planning for the 2014 Tour de (pronounced too r duh). Already we know almost ten things about this soon to be epic event:

Blind taste test
  1. It will be about a 30 miles mix of single track, gravel, road, and small town urban decay
  2. It will involve forward positioning of supplies at strategic locations
  3. We need a logo and team kit
  4. It will include a stop at Rincon Tarasco
  5. Mark is the chairman of the 2014 Tour de planning commission
  6. It will include Harmony Hill, Marsh Creek, and a white knuckle ride across a decrepit railroad trestle bridge
  7. It will be the perfect antidote to the mid-winter biking blues
  8. The planning commission will meet at Victory Brewing some time we don't know when
  9. It will be stupid fun
Thanks for all the memories in 2013, and I look forward to more memories and adventures in 2014.


"2014 is going to make 2013 look like a picnic."
     -- unknown (I have no idea what that really means, but it sure makes 2014 sound interesting...)

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  1. It brings joy to a mother's heart to picture her son doing a white knuckle ride across a decrepit railroad trestle. No visions of sugarplums dancing through this mother's head. Tell me when it is over. I'm going to put it out of my mind until after Cinco de Mayo.