Monday, January 29, 2007

Blood on the Highway

SPAM - About half of guys on this email chain are actively riding and the hope is to cajole the other half off the sidelines, but if that is not your plan or you just want a break from the email banter then let me know and I'll remove you from the chain no questions asked.

YESTERDAY'S RIDE - As you can see from the attached aerial view, George (our guide) was able to eek a lot of riding out of smallish Hibernia park. A handful of uphill grinds and rocky descents punctuated by at least four memorable wrecks made for a good time for ten riders.

Wreck summary:
* One fall off a slippery bridge (was a little bloody)
* One chest dab (a.k.a. over handlebars impacting ground chest first)
* One airborne ejection from the bike
* One classic "toppled over in middle of road because he forgot he was clipped in"

Also yet another chapter in the MDBRS saga when Dave's rear wheel CAME OFF during an ascent! This saga is the gift that keeps giving - thanks Mike! Finally we wrapped up by christening the new "clubhouse" at Ferrer's with beers and a post ride recap.

THIS WEEK - Weather looks winterish (it is February after all), with lows in the 20s and chance of precip Tue and Thr nights (perfect).

Schedule is:
* Tuesday 8:30pm depart LL
* Thursday 8:30pm depart UL


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