Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Slippery Slope

We but broke new ground for a night ride. Over the dam, down the Sole Trail, and up into the Sunday ride territory where we circumnavigated the mud pit and were still back in time for 9:30 Sports Center. New challenges await!

I suspect attendance was light due to work and family commitments, but now that we are into January it's worth mentioning the slippery slope...the one that leads to the refrigerator and the couch on Tuesday/Thursday nights instead of the great outdoors. It starts innocently enough but it ends with a rusty bike and a spare tire. Don't even look over the edge of that slope - it is EXTREMELY slippery and many good men have toyed with the edge only to find themselves suddenly sitting at the bottom wondering what happened.

Next ride is Thursday (LL 8:30).


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