Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Exciting Announcement

I have an exciting announcement to make regarding tomorrow night's (Thursday) ride...
We are instituting a new tradition (thank Sebastian) -- mandatory birthday detours to a local watering hole for celebratory a toast. Don't worry you will still get your fill of trail riding tomorrow - the current route is from UL through the horsefarm to the dam down the Sole trail to Dorlan Mill to the Struble for the dash to Downtingtown (and then back again).

The great news about this new tradition is that it takes the burden/guilt off our shoulders about how frequently we detour to the watering hole (there was much debate about "biweekly is too often but monthly not enough")! Now we know -- if a rider is having a birthday then we make the detour, period end of story. What could be more simple? I think this is known as "man law."

So as the first, Jim gets off easy but going forward each of you riders is responsible for invoking the "mandatory-detour-to-Downingtown-man-law" on your own behalf. Sounds corny but if you don't invoke, then we don't drink and that is not fun for anyone. So the protocol is to give the group at least 1 week notice of your birthday so we can designate one of the weeknight rides as a Downingtown detour and plan accordingly.

This is also a good incentive for everyone to get your friends into the game - with less than 10 *regular* riders, we will average almost 1.5 months between detours which is a long time. More riders = more detours. Think of it as a "finders fee."

OK back to plans for tomorrow... We'll be going to a dive bar on the main drag (Chelsea's I think it's called). So you will need a little cash. Not much since this is a quickie one beer sort of deal (remember the ride back?) and I don't expect Chelsea's will have much tolerance for spandex and headlamps anyway. If we stick to the one beer limit then this should add no more than an hour to the ride (+15min each way, +30min toasting). Let me say it again - the temptation for prolonged drinking is not a factor when you remember you are only halfway through the ride (and the 2nd half is mostly uphill).

As you know it will be chilly tomorrow, and the Struble leg is fast and it is exposed so dress accordingly. Finally I have a lock suitable for about 4 bikes. If anyone else has a lock please bring!!


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