Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chelsy's First Timers

Eight riders last night. Count'em EiGHT! Amazing.

Departed 830pm in white-out conditions and high 20s. Rode a little tentatively, especially around corners. Sole trail was eventful with numerous crashes including a multi-bike pileup at the mutpit crossing. The struble was quite an experience with about 12' visibility, occasional picnic table on the left and running water on the right.

We turned a few heads at Chelsey's and got to see a kickboxer get KO'd. Did a quick toast to Jim "45 and over" Ahern and by the time we left the storm had blown through and temperatures were plummeting.

A few attempted pace lines on the way back (mixed results), up Dorlan Mill hill and back into the woods. That was about the point where DC's light gave out. We were back home by 11pm. 14 miles total and temperature 15 and falling! Temp beginning to be a factor for the machines (some shocks stiffening, shifting is sluggish) but temp does not seem to be a factor for the riders.

I think Sebastian is right that the limit is somewhere in the single digits. TBD.

Overall scenery and experience was incredible.

See y'all Sunday morning.

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