Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hibernia Vibes

Solid ride tonight, trails are steadily improving. Ride did include some drama - high speed impact with some local wildlife. No harm done - rider and owl are both doing fine.

is shaping up nicely with lots of positive vibes from the gang (see below). We even have a couple of family-relay entrants (great way to get out of the running part of the event). You still have almost 6 weeks to work up to a 2x2 mile jog in the woods (the bike part is easy - it's basically a Sunday ride with a sense of urgency). So snap yourself out of that winter funk, plunk that money down, and show your kids that the old codger still has some game. Current status:

Positive vibes, money plunked, officially have some game:
  • JimT - first in class last year, obviously needs some more competition
  • Chris - trying to set a good example
Positive vibes but money not yet plunked, TBD if they have game:
  • MikeR - relay with wife Kristin (Kristin is marathoner)
  • Andy - relay with daughter Megan (Megan is fired up)
  • Steve - bought new bike for the event, so has skin in the game
  • JimA - scheduling conflict, feverishly working on it
  • MikeY - ready to jump in, just needs a push (or pull)
  • Sebastian - ready to jump in, just needs a pull (or push)
  • Bob - said it "sounds good" which I think means "all in"
  • Jamie - says he is game, impressive since I don't think he has his bike yet
No vibes, no money, may be on life support:
  • DaveC - it's time my warm weather friend...
  • Matt - hello, anybody there? Where is that golf-outing game-face?
  • DaveM - dude, do the relay with Kelly...
  • Rob - time to rebound from the double-flat last year and show off those USTs
  • Chris Dougherty - the perfect brother-in-law bonding experience
  • Sean - didn't rule it out, but didn't rule it in either
No vibes, no money, no game -or- has a pretty good excuse:
  • Kirk - family commitment (Sean's first communion)
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Ride Schedule
- I am traveling Saturday-Wednesday but I'll throw it out there: Sunday depart Upper @ 10am. Standard weekday ride schedule next week is Tuesday 8:30pm Upper** (**change) and Thursday 8:30pm Upper. Anyone feel free to amend (i.e., take Andy up on his Hibernia race course tour offer).

MO7S: Finally if you'd need to relive the fun of the past couple of years or read the banter from the last few races, I have archived some of our old emails in the form of a blog at The first person to figure out "MO7S" wins a free pat on the back. Sebastian to review and judge all entries.


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