Sunday, March 23, 2008

Something You Don't See Everyday

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. An impromptu Sunday ride yielded another installment of "you don't see that every day" -- a tall blond woman performing her yoga routine in woods of Marsh Creek State Park. Not sure who was more surprised - her or us (it all happened pretty fast) - but no injuries were sustained so all is well in Nirvana/MCSP.

Trails are in excellent condition and will hopefully hold out with spotty rain forecasted for this week. Lots going on this week with rides and weather, so put down your coffee and pay attention:
  • Tuesday night 8:30pm LL - no rain until late (10pm) so trails should be in outstanding condition.
  • Thursday night 8:30 UL - this is a scheduled Chelsy's ride. Rain possible so we will monitor and consider rescheduling if it looks like a washout. Stay tuned.
  • Sunday morning (roadie) - To get things rolling I'll suggest an 8am departure to Fair Hill. Please weigh in if you have other thoughts on departure time or destination, this is not a dictatorship although it may sound like one at times.
Note for those who have not been to Fair Hill, it is superb rolling terrain (no crazy hills) so it will not be a ball buster ride but we will rack up a lot of miles because it is such an awesome location, it just rolls and rolls and rolls...

Please reply if you will be riding on Sunday so I can coordinate xport. If so, please also indicate if you can drive and if so your cargo capacity.


"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live."
– Mark Twain

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