Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fair Hill Report

Fair Hill roadie was a blast. Parking lot was jammed with riders (50 or more) when we arrived (7 of us) - bikers were pre-riding the course for the BikeLine race in a few weeks. Somehow we managed to dodge the crowds on the trails (let's say because we were outrunning them). Before the GPS battery fritzed near then end, it read 15 miles but I think it was off due to slow sample rate "cutting" many of the turns - anyway we agreed it felt like a lot more than 15 (satellite imagery attached). After completely draining our tanks on the ride, we drained a few beers in the lot, and then headed to Downingtown - Chelsy's to pickup some 40s (man is that place depressing on a Sunday afternoon), and then Los Compadres to refuel with some cheap Mexican fare.

Key events for April:
  • Roadie April 13th (2nd Sunday of each month)
  • Hibernia April 20th
  • Chelsy's April 24th (last Thursday of each month)
Standard schedule this week:
  • Tuesday 8:30pm Lower
  • Thursday 8:30pm Upper - I am traveling on Thursday, will make the ride if I get an early flight home otherwise not.

"Go Big or Go Home"
– anonymous mountain biker

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