Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun and Games

The Marsh Creek Fall Classic race committee has a real treat in store for riders on November 9th (attached is the proposed course map).  The first 3 years we were relegated to riding laps in a corner of the park.  This year riders will spread their wings and experience more of what the park has to offer including a trip up the rocky climb (I feel a dismount coming), a trip through the tricky-double-bridge-rickety-causeway-mud-pit section on the way to the lakeside trail, a ride down the Sole trail, and some moderate grinds up the double track behind the dam and up the quarry trail.  It's not all fun and games though as there are a fair number of flat sections interspersed for recovery and/or being passed by women in spandex and lilac perfume (there is no shame in that – otherwise I would have hung up my cleats by now.) 

Following is a colorful narrative course description from the designer (Todd Strauss).  I have added red text for clarity: 

It will be clockwise…starts in the oval loop at the "top" of the park near chalfant follow "blue" thru the field heading toward the boat ramp, left towards chalfont lot then right onto the newer trail with the rad teeter… along the lake back up to the doubletrack behind the bathrooms, out to the grass thru the upper "boat" parking lot, out to the dam along the new trail – across the top of the dam, down the sole trail… back up the fire road, across the field, up the drive, thru the field at the corner of skyline and lyndel , up the nastiest climb in the park (the rocky climb, ouch!), down to the tracks (must be taking a left off the bobsled run somewhere), up again over the 4 little ladder bridges, climb staying right then head left to what I think is a newer trail, to a left on green then left down along the old stone house (eddie trail complete with singing nettles), down to the tracks, out to the quarry, climb the quarry along the fence, down a little, bang a left climb some more, back down to the field, thru the field, climb a little more (on the "entrail"), thru a tiny bit of field, down, hard left (very sketchy turn in the babyheads), climb, turn left around the double track… the end…

If you have ridden with us at MCSP more than once, then chances are you have already seen 90% of this course first hand.  Remember it is not about the podium (those spots are reserved for the sand baggers), it's about the buzz and excitement of race day, the personal satisfaction you get from testing your comfort zone, and most of all having your kid(s) at the finish line cheering adoringly as if you just broke an Olympic record or something.  So get off the fence (or climb on it and then jump off on this side) and go register yourself already.

I am doing the Marshalton Triathlon this Sunday with Ruth and Sara so you won't see me in MCSP on Sunday, but feel free to meet me at Marshalton after you read about or register for this totally family oriented ultra low key event.  Last year they had a live band, corn maze, food, and free climbing wall.  This year they are adding a tailgating section to the parking area.  That should give you a sense of the "fun factor" for this event.

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"A journey of 1000 miles must begin with a single crank-turn."

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