Sunday, October 5, 2008

Latest Helmet Technology

The 35th Marshalton Triathlon was a showcase for the latest in helmet technology.  Next year I may ride with the ultimate "brain bucket" - a water pail with a chin strap - to see if I can make the highlight reel.  

With the Marsh Creek Classic just 5 weeks away, weekday ride frequency will pick up as we try to stay sharp and maybe lose a pound or two before race day.  This means there will be someone riding most weeknights, weather permitting, so if you are interested in jumping on just chime in and we'll nail down the ride details before 5:00pm on that day.  

There is some interest in a roadie for next weekend (Sunday).  Let me know if interested and if so, any preferences for place and time.  Last Sunday's casualty (the one with the "finger the size of a golf ball [that] turned the shade of a purple tootsie pop just before you get to the sticky center" has requested a location that doesn't rattle your fillings loose - so maybe some place like White Clay or Fair Hill.  We'll try to nail this down by mid-week.


"It's a long way to the top
     . . . if you wanna rock and roll"

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