Thursday, October 9, 2008

Start the Stampede

Not much interest in a roadie this weekend so we'll regroup and try again later this Sunday will be local at MCSP departing at 9am from the 'hood.

Tootsie-pop-finger-guy and I rode the race course last night to see what a loop would feel like. We rode non-stop but at an easy pace, which got us around the loop in 1:04 (including one slow-motion crash by yours truly).  For those of you considering the race but concerned about level of difficulty here are a few observations...

Really just 2 truly painful sections:
  • The double track road from the dam to the farm.  We all know this stretch from the pre-lakeside-trail days.  It sucked then and it sucks now too.
  • On the climb up Blue from Sebastian's mudpit, we think the course zigs left up a new trail which I had not ridden until last night.  It bypasses the rooty section on the bobsled run (that's good) but it grinds straight up to the top of the ridge (that's bad).  It is the most miserable climb I have seen at MCSP but it is fairly short.
The rocky climb wasn't bad at all because I didn't ride it, I walked it (shamelessly).

All of the uphill grinds are followed, eventually, by some flats or downhills which gives you an opportunity to rest.  I know it's not exactly a flash of brilliant insight that all uphills eventually turn into downhills when riding a loop, but my point is that it is remarkably easy to rest while coasting so don't get freaked out by the non-stop aspect of this. 

There are a couple of sketchy sections:
  • Eddie trail descent (weight back, hold on) - I think most of you have done this one already anyway.  And the stinging nettles have been removed.
  • Left turn in the baby-head field from Entrail.  Haven't figured out how to do this one yet, but heck it's just one turn.
I think that's all.  I have encouraging indications from other riders indicating they may jump in.  Seems like some of you are just waiting for someone else to jump in first, start the stampede so to speak, so for Gods sake would one of you please announce your intentions??? 

I am traveling the remainder of this week so don't expect any rabble-rousing from me until the weekend. 


"Tune in, Turn on, and Go long" --Tom Warren

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