Monday, October 13, 2008

On Best Behavior

You couldn't swing a dead cat in MCSP today without hitting a park you will be relieved to know that we were on best behavior and tried to ride single file whenever possible.  We rode the Nov 9 course again and at the conclusion all riders agreed it is challenging but has a lot of variety and a high "fun factor."  Jim Ahern successfully demonstrated the right line for the one technical turn that had us stymied (sharp left exiting Entrail into the baby-head field).  Next we need to figure out a strategy for that miserable grind from the Blue up to the Green trail.  

Nov 9 is shaping up with solid confirmations from 4 riders and 5 more who have voiced positive intentions.  There are some veterans who have been uncharacteristically silent, my strong suspicion is that you just want to keep us in suspense and will signal your positive intentions shortly...    

The 5-day forecast for this week looks good - dry with nigh time lows in the 50s - so we should have no problem getting a few rides in this week.  Again we will employ the "flex" ride schedule - if you are interested in riding just chime in with any time preferences and we will nail it down via email by 5pm on ride day.    

That's all for now.


"Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you"

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