Friday, November 14, 2008

Bustin' In Some NOOBs

Sokol and Riley will be hosting a NOOB ride on Sunday afternoon - if interested you should contact them directly.  Note ride is for new guys only, no exceptions.  If your ride still has that new-bike smell or you are biking in sweat pants then you may qualify.  Remember, we've ALL been there - this is an opportunity for new guys to get acquainted with the sport without a lot of pressure or heckling. If we handle this right, we'll have some new faces (a.k.a. fresh meat) on the rides soon.  If we screw this up then there will be more bikes gathering dust in garages and guys gathering inches around their waists on couches.  Let's do this right and make the world a better place.  

With Riley and Sokol committed, Ferrer on the road with soccer, and Ahern harassing the nurses while on medical leave, attendance could be thin for Sunday morning.  If you want to do the customary Sunday 9am ride then please chime in and we'll keep it on the schedule.  Otherwise I may ride earlier or later in the day based on family activities.   


"You've got to be tough if you're going to be stupid."       
-- anonymous

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