Saturday, November 8, 2008

Game Faces On

The light hearted email banter has tailed off and the game faces are on, race day must be just around the corner.  I took a spin on the course Thursday night and cursed Todd up and down while trying to make some of those rooty rocky muddy wet-leaf covered climbs between the Struble and the green trail. 

Possibly a ride for me tomorrow, but it will probably be a milk-run type thing just to keep the legs loose, make final tweaks on the bike (yes, the same bike that was in pieces during last weekend's wrenching debacle), and possibly do some trail maintenance over by the bridges (it's a sloppy mudfest down there after the rain an 100 bikes won't help matters much).  

Sunday is race day (duh).  If you are not racing, feel free to swing by to offer some abuse or to hear all the carnage stories while they are fresh and before they have been exegerated beyond all recognition.  I think most of us start around 10:15am and are shooting for about 2 hrs on the course, which puts us at the finish line shortly after lunch.  Look for the muddy guys with the big grins who are drinking out of plastic cups.  

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