Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Race Results

Race results for Sport class have been published so I took the liberty of cranking them through Excel (yes I am a data dork).  The results are depicted graphically above (click the graphic to expand).  Note that all times have been rounded down to nearest minute.  

Some highlights for the Sport class:
  • 62 riders finished (5 DNFs)
  • Average time was 2:08, median was 2:07
  • Best time was 1:46
  • I would like to point out that the top 5 Sport class finishers were all OLD GUYS!  Those that found ourselves in the bottom third of that age group (45-54) would have placed mid-pack with the youngsters (35-44).  I take a great deal of satisfaction from this.
  • Nearly all of the single speeders finished in the top third overall.  Who are these guys?
  • There does not appear to be a major sandbagger issue (fairly constant slope to the curve)
  • We did not get dusted by the girls.  Some consolation in that I suppose.
A more sobering perspective gleaned from the Expert class split times (their first 2 laps):
  • First place finisher completed his second lap at 1:36 
  • Last place finisher completed his second lap at 1:57
Finally to end on a positive, following is a piece of anecdotal data that is sure to impress the ladies.  It was posted by a racer to the dtownmtb group on yahoo:
"Here's a quick note on the race that I learned from one of the race officials. Only one racer, in any class, climbed the nasty, slippery trail up from the railroad tracks without getting off and walking at least part of it. 

That rider would be Rob Inforzato! Great Job!"
On another note, great ride last night - first official night ride of the winter season.  Trails were silky smooth from the Sunday race, clear skies (sort of), nearly full moon, and balmy temps in the high 30s.  Data analysis:
  • 5 riders (CD, SF, SM, AS, MY)
  • 80% of the bikes left the woods with their drive trains intact

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