Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be Offended

I'm not sure if it sells any bikes, but you have to admire this bold advertising approach. Let's see if it meets the academic criteria for an effective ad:

1. ...must stop the reader from turning the page - check

2. ...works like a good salesperson, telling potential customers what a product will do for them - Emphasis seems to be on pretty bikes - check

3. ...has a sense of urgency, tells the reader to do something - My gut reaction was to quickly buy the bike to avoid getting sodomized - check

4. ...speaks to a specific group of people it is trying to reach - This must target middle-age-males who watched the 1972 movie Deliverance...a group that presumably has disposable income to spend on good looking bikes - check

5. ...is distinctive - check

Clearance sales and marketing gibberish about the latest technology just won't cut it for me anymore. 


"It won't make you ride better, it will make you ride more, and that will make you ride better."

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