Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maxed Out

I justified my new HRM as tool to help re-tune my body for the back-to-back all-day rides we'll be doing on DtM.

It arrived last week. I immediately strapped it on and laid on the couch watching to see how low my HR would go. I got it down to 44. With some Pink Floyd and a glass of Glenlivet I'm sure I could get closer to 40.

Anyway that was entertaining for about 11 minutes, and the burning question still remained about how high I could get it. So today when Sebastian, MikeY, and I headed out into some sketchy riding conditions, I would get my chance to find out.

I had my first shot at the bottom of the Sole Trail. I sprinted up the access road until my heart was ready to explode. I glanced at the HRM and it said "NOREC"... WTF??? No idea what that meant, but the box said this thing would register peak HR so I figured I would sort it out after the ride. One more sprint through the horse farm. I glanced down at saw it peak at 176 before I exploded.

Are we having fun yet?

Once home I opened the manual and learned my peak HR was reportedly 180. I will re-evaluate on my next ride, but for now it looks like my aerobic range is 99-135. I think it will be difficult to keep my HR down that low but at least I have a plan now.

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