Monday, January 3, 2011


Damian climbing aboard
This may be the only blog post you will ever see here featuring an L39. Why am I blogging about a Czechoslovakian military jet aircraft? Well this particular one - nicknamed Pipsqueak - is the reason I missed the ride this morning. You see, I got a call last night from my neighbor Damian who was scheduled to fly Pipsqueak today, and he had lost his videographer and was wondering if I would step in. Which I did. Gladly.

So needless to say, it was a pretty amazing day. After Damian completed his aileron rolls, barrel rolls, and a 5G loop over the Chesapeake bay, we poked around the airport hanger to lay our hands on an operational Mig-21 and an almost operational Mig-23. Amazing machines. And sobering when you think about the history of those aircraft.

Sunset ride by the lake
So it was quite a day, but even after all that, I managed a one hour sunset ride and Marsh Creek. The contrast between the L39 and my hard tail mountain bike was striking, but it always feels good to saddle up, elevate the heart rate, and get a little dirty even if it's on 200 year old technology rolling along the ground at about 8 knots.


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