Monday, January 10, 2011

Review - Performance Windstopper Gloves

ITEM: Performance Windstopper Gloves
PURCHASED at Performance Bicycle in 2007
PRICE: $20 on sale
RATING: Excellent

My existing pair of insulated gloves were too hot and too tight fitting, and I found it difficult to taker them on/off during rides when I wanted to take a picture or otherwise needed some dexterity. So when I saw these gloves on sale I grabbed them, and now they are the only gloves I wear in the winter. If riding in the low-mid 20s my fingers will be a little cold for the first 10 minutes but then they adjust and I am totally comfortable. They are loose fitting so easy to take off/on.  In the teens I will also wear a pair of thin wool inserts but honestly I don't think it makes much of a difference.

I have enough dexterity with these gloves to turn my light on/off and I don't notice any problem shifting with these gloves. There is no padding in the palm area but I don't miss it. The gloves are showing some wear after 3+ years of winter riding, but that is to be expected.

These gloves are $40 at local Performance Bicycle store, when they go on sale I will probably nab another pair.

STRENGTHS: Warm, Durable, Easy On-Off
WEAKNESSES: No padding

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  1. I have a pair of EMS gloves that look just like those things and I'd give 'em the same review. Better in the cold, ez on/off, etc. A lot of people are reluctant to ride with bigger gloves but I say give 'em a shot. Good review!