Monday, January 17, 2011

Review - Performance Booty

ITEM: Performance Winter Booty
PURCHASED at Performance Bicycle in 2008
PRICE: $20 on sale
RATING: Excellent

Neoprene uppers and rubber sole with cutout for cleat. You actually cut out the opening based on your cleat type. These booties zip on over your riding shoe. They are size 14 and barely fit over my size 12.2 shoe, so as a rule of thumb you should probably add 3 to your shoe size when purchasing these. 

They have served be well through 3 winters of riding in snow, mud, and temps down to the single digits. Once you get into the low-teens my feet still get a little chilly, probably because there is not much between my foot and that cold metal cleat bolted into the shoe. I remedy this by stuffing one of those chemical type mitten warmers into the booty before I ride on a particularly cold night. I suppose a $300 riding boot would be warmer, but at $20 this is pretty good value.

STRENGTHS: Inexpensive, warm, dry
WEAKNESSES: Sizing is tricky

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