Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clear Sailing for the Irish

Small crowd but great ride today. One rider was wrapping up around 10am so he swung by to say hi. Judging by the condition of him and his bike the conditions were pretty greasy in the fast turns. He also admitted to doing some long overdue trail maintenance on the new connector trail, removing an obstacle that had been giving our Irish riders some fits.

Hats off to Jamie who graduated from NooB status with an aggressive ride today that left him very muddy and a little bloody but smiling ear to ear. He even demonstrated how to use a rock and a little elbow grease to tuneup his Y-bike mid-ride. Great stuff.

Capital improvements have continued on the east side. A new (3rd) bridge linking to the connector and a skills course spouting up over at the bonus loop. Ahern took a run at it on Friday (better man than I).

Standard ride schedule:
  • Tuesday morning 6:30am (I am out of town so will miss this one)
  • Thursday night 8:30pm (back with a vengeance)

"There is nothing to fear but fear itself,
and spiders."

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