Friday, June 6, 2008

Mountain Biking Catastrophe (Almost)

Catastrophe (very) narrowly averted this morning. I think I am in the market for a new SS crankset. Climbing out from the lake, standing up of course, then BANG! Practically drove my nuts into my throat. Long lonely walk home.

The cause could have been the incredible destructive force delivered by my massively powerful legs. or a loose crank bolt.

Anyway if you ever decide on a vasectomy, feel free to borrow my SS instead (no copay and no stitches).

Looking at the FSA V-Drive MegaExo SS Crankset - inexpensive $130, external bearings, bashguard, and comes in 180mm length. It's basically what I have (had) now and has a splined spindle. I think I would prefer a square taper spindle but then I am in the business of buying cranks, ring, bashguard, and BB a la carte which is OK but a little more complicated. Any recommendations?


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