Sunday, June 8, 2008

Triple Threat Conquers Manayunk

101.3 degree temperatures and rain forest humidity was not enough to keep the Triple Threat of Sara, Becca, and Luke inside - they cycled 15 miles to Manayunk and back (that's 30 miles folks!) in the blistering heat to cheer on the cyclists in the Philadelphia International Bike Championship. We were expertly positioned (thanks Bob) at the end of Main Street in Manayunk for a birds eye view of the peleton (100 or so riders) bearing straight down on us at high speed and diving into a 90 degree turn right at our feet.

It was an awesome spectacle - thousands of fans, a couple of helicopters overhead, the mayor rolling through on a motorcycle, and the fire department cracking open a hydrant to cool off of the spectators. The event was well covered by local media, with our troop (3 kids + 2 dads) appearing in person on at least two local networks.

WARNING: 30 miles was pretty flat so pedaling was not a major factor but you still have to sit on something the entire time. I don't care what newfangled anatomically designed gel seat you're on it can get a little sore "down there."

All in all a memorable Sunday for 3 remarkable kids and 2 proud dads...

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