Monday, June 23, 2008

Put Some Fun Between your Legs

Sunday was a winning combination - cool early morning start and blistering fast trails. We were even treated to an expert guided tour of the blockhouse on the dam and a history lesson on the tram.

One rider MIA due to failure to set the alarm (8am for Pete's sake!). Hats off to our newest rider who turned in an impressive performance...but after 3.5 hours last weekend and 2+ today on that old school all-rigid frame that chode (taint, nifkin, whatever you call it) has got to be showing some wear. Keep it up and you'll be sportin' that mountain biker callous in no time.

One "I'll probably be there on Sunday" did not show - you know who you are and so do I - but your dirty little secret is safe for now. Hope to see you jumping back into the fray soon.

Also we have a new father who has been conspicuously absent from recent rides. Consensus today was that your grace period has expired, you need to re-establish the routine before it is too late. Expecting to see you out there soon (no names, but looking forward to seeing that spanking new green bike).

Ride schedule this week:
  • Tuesday 6:00am (home by 7am, get your butt out of bed!)
  • Thursday 8:30pm

"Put some fun between your legs"
-- Ron Jeremy (famous mountain biker no doubt)


  1. If this Father was thinking of riding after serving his morning 5am feeding which would the departure be from upper or lower? Sounds like an amazing individual.

  2. Indeed an amazing individual and lucky too, because our ride schedule appears to dovetail perfectly with his feeding schedule:

    * Up at 5:00am
    * Feeding done at 5:20am
    * Coffee and light breakfast, done by 5:35
    * Get dressed, get spanking new green bike out of shed by 5:50
    * Mount up 5:55 just in time for 6:00 ride!!

    Oh and of course the departure is from Upper Lyndenwood in deference to the dutiful father. We meet Sokol at 6:05am where the Struble crosses Lyndel, so you can even run 5 minutes late with no worries!